Bridge of Dreams Recipient
Resident, Enclave of Scarborough
Originally from New York, Judy loves dancing — especially the jitterbug, square dancing, and ballroom. She has three daughters. Her hobbies include bingo, flower arranging, and Yahtzee. Her pieces of advice are to spend time by the ocean, have a sense of humor, and take care of one another.

Judy’s dream has always been to ride a motorcycle. During, her new resident “Getting to Know Your Spark” interview, she said that she thought “it probably would never happen.” We helped to fulfill her dream in October 2021, when she was escorted by the Scarborough Fire and Police and numerous civilians riding motorcycles! Judy looked great in her new leather jacket with a “born to ride” patch as she rode with a local rider from Wiscasset. Her family and friends were absolutely thrilled to see her accomplish her dream. Judy’s daughter, Cheryl said, “I could never have imagined my mother living her best life in retirement. What you’ve all done today is incredible.” The Enclave of Scarborough team had an awesome time collaborating with the community for Judy’s dream to come true!

Bridge of Dreams Recipient

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