Personalized Alzheimer and Dementia Care

Experience a community designed to provide more than just the best care, but to also meet each resident right in the moment where they are with the best quality of life.

Premier Memory Care in St. Louis

Visit any of our three St. Louis-area Memory Care communities to find the holistic support, care, and peace of mind that's perfect for your unique lifestyle needs.

Our 3 Cs of Memory Care
Connect With Residents: Great care begins with a greater understanding of those we care for. That’s why our team makes a genuine effort to get to know the people, places, and memories that are most important to each of our residents.
Choice Through Collaboration: Working directly with families and keeping them informed on their loved one’s care and day-to-day activities is vital to a successful Memory Care community. With tools such as our Bridge App, powered by LifeLoop™, families are up to date on the latest community happenings.
Care & Protect: We strive to ensure the safety of all our residents. Our team goes above and beyond to create homelike settings where health and wellness are always a priority, and everyone can feel as warm and comfortable as possible.

The Lilac Trace story.

The sometimes unexpected, sometimes winding line, or trace, that is life’s epic journey continues within our communities—none more evident than in our Lilac Trace Memory Care neighborhoods. Here you’ll find Certified Dementia-Capable caregivers tending to both the needs of the body and soul, seeking to always understand a resident’s past, as well as their present point of view. Indeed, to always meet them right where they are.

    Dementia and Memory Care—
    A brief introduction for caregivers

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