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The Bridge Senior Living blog provides information on a variety of topics for seniors, their families, caregivers and professionals, allowing them to stay up to date on our communities, industry trends, news, resources and more.

Funding Your Senior Living Lifestyle February 27, 2021

The fir t questions that come up when considering a move to senior living typically relate to cost and how to fund the new residence. Senior living communities typically offer…

When Is the “Right Time” for Senior Living? February 27, 2021

Everyone ages, but we all age differently. Some of us are energetic and spry at 92, while others who are 15 years younger may have numerous physical maladies that require…

Senior Driving Safety February 27, 2021

It’s no secret that as we age – and particularly as we reach our senior years – we experience some decline in coordination, reflexes and spontaneous decisionmaking. Although modest declines…

The Move to Senior Living: a Family Decision February 27, 2021

When a loved one needs to move to a senior living environment due to age-related issues, the Family is often the driving force behind such a transition. This is true…

The Social Side of Senior Living February 27, 2021

The process of aging is more than physical; it contains a significant mental omponent as well. Those interested in aging gracefully and with as much independence as possible are well…

Time For a Loved One To Consider a Senior Living Community? Check With Their Pet. February 27, 2021

A loving pet is more than a best friend to an older person. Often a loyal pet is the only fulltime companion that person has. To be sure, a pet…

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