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Elevating the Individual Through Personalized Care

Lilac Trace Memory Care Neighborhoods are crafted to support your loved one’s life through personalized experiences and services that celebrate who they were, who they are, and who they are yet to be. 

Our daily acuity programs are personalized to your loved one’s cognitive and physical abilities, helping them flourish in our Lilac Trace Neighborhood. They will maintain their sense of self, contribute actively, and engage in meaningful social roles. 

With a diverse calendar of events, we promote a psychosocial and active lifestyles, incorporating social, educational, nutritional, emotional, and spiritual expressions.

Building from research-backed care philosophies, we help residents with cognitive and memory conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia live life with dignity and a sense of belonging.

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Bringing Dignity & Belonging to Memory Care

A simple philosophy guides our Lilac Trace Memory Care neighborhoods—to meet every resident right where they are in their individual journeys. 

This loving, personal approach celebrates the past, brings dignity to the present, and inspires hope for the future. Each Lilac Trace team is led by Certified Dementia Practitioners (CDP) who go above and beyond to make every moment special for our residents and, in doing so, provide peace of mind for their families.

What Memory Care Addresses

Memory care is a lifestyle dedicated to helping residents living with memory-affecting conditions like Alzheimer’s disease achieve a balanced, comfortable quality of life. We do this while also evoking an atmosphere that promotes positive thinking, stability, and wellness in a secure environment.

We develop lifestyle plans based on your loved one’s needs to help them retain their dignity and enjoy a sense of belonging amongst the community.

Read more about these conditions by downloading our ebook on dementia.

What Is Dementia?

Dementia is a broad term encompassing several cognitive impairments. 

Symptoms can vary among individuals, but confusion, memory loss, hallucinations or delusions, and personality changes are common.

What Is Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s disease, a type of dementia, can alter your loved one’s life. While it’s more prevalent in those over 65, it is not a standard aspect of aging and requires professional medical attention and caregiving. 

Symptoms such as memory loss, mood fluctuations, and depression are common, and we address these by customizing our services to suit your loved one’s specific needs.

How Lilac Trace Supports Residents

The winding trace that is life’s journey continues for residents with memory loss. Led by certified dementia practitioners, our specially trained team of dementia-capable care associates seek to join each resident on life’s path. 

In each specially designed Lilac Trace neighborhood, care associates are trained on our “Meet Me Where I Am” philosophy. Inspired by the best-selling book, Meet Me Where I Am—An Alzheimer’s Care Guide, this philosophy emphasizes individuality, compassion, and making each moment special. 

By meeting residents where they are each day, our team creates meaningful engagement opportunities so residents can “live their best life.” Lilac Trace works to achieve this through our 3 C’s of Memory Care.

Our approach begins with a better understanding of who we’re caring for. Our care associates are trained to walk alongside each resident on their individual journey. Our proprietary tools enlighten care associates while honoring each resident’s legacy.

  • A “Moments in Time” questionnaire that provides a personal biography and life history.
  • Personalized and individualized wellness plans that include daily care and engagement opportunities.
  • “Vault of Memories”—meaningful memorabilia, reconnecting residents with special moments from their life journeys.
  • We create evidence-based dementia-specific programs and activities to engage residents daily.

Continual collaboration with families is vital to the successful day-to-day care of our residents and is at the heart of everything we do:

  • Our Bridge App provides real-time communication with families.
  • Monthly support groups that provide education and resources for families.
  • Ongoing family wellness conferences occur to review residents’ progress in Lilac Trace.

Every Lilac Trace neighborhood provides exceptional services and care in a nurturing environment.

  • We offer dignified dining, understanding residents’ preferences and abilities.
  • We manage resident medications with respect and patience.

Find a Lilac Trace Memory Care Neighborhood Today

Elevate your loved one’s life with the help of a Lilac Trace Memory Care neighborhood. Through a compassionate approach focusing on wellness, dignity, and belonging, we’re helping families bring stability and safety to their loved one’s lives.

Find a neighborhood near you and schedule a visit today.

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