Assisted Living & Personal Care at Bridge Senior Living

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Combining A Premier Lifestyle with Professional Support

Assisted living and personal care are for those who need extra help managing day-to-day living.

Highly professional, highly compassionate, certified care—when and where you need it—is exactly what you’ll find at Bridge Senior Living’s assisted living and personal care communities. Our Wellness Impact program showcases our commitment to care, collaboration, and technology. It starts with a personal care plan and provides comprehensive care with the type of features you want and deserve:

  • Assistance with personal needs: dressing, bathing, and personal care
  • Medication management
  • In-house pharmacy
  • In-house therapy
  • Health care coordination with your personal health care providers
  • Electronic medication administration and electronic health records

Combine this with our commitment to superior hospitality and you’ll find an enriched quality of life that maintains your well-deserved dignity.

With a little help from your new friends at Bridge Senior Living, you won’t just get by—you’ll thrive.

*Note: Different communities offer different products and services. Learn more when you visit a Bridge Community near you today.

What Is Assisted Living & Personal Care?

Assisted living and personal care offers an extra layer of support to residents who require assistance managing day-to-day activities, bringing them, and their loved ones, ease, comfort, and peace of mind.

Here are a few common services you’ll find in an assisted living and personal care community:

  • Assistance with bathing and dressing as needed
  • Discreet personal care when needed
  • Help getting to meals and other activities

We can provide additional support based on individual needs.

Lifestyle Plus: Our Approach to Care & Hospitality

We’re passionate about creating warm and welcoming experiences that uphold the lifestyles our residents want, but with the added support of professional care.

We call this unique approach, Lifestyle Plus, offering residents the ability to continue the life they already love with the help of services designed to make every day comfortable and manageable.

These services range from daily living assistance like medication management, mealtime support, convenient transportation services, and in-house therapy all the way to our enriching wellness and fitness programming.

Our communities feature thoughtful living spaces, designed to create an enriching, yet comfortable, lifestyle.

Amenities can include kitchenettes, walk-in baths, and easy-to-use technology to help organize appointments and personal information.

Our wellness-focused experiences are designed to enrich the lives of our residents through delicious, healthy dining, engaging events, and so much more.

Residents are invited to participate in a range of wellness and fitness programs based on their interests and lifestyle. Find a community today to learn more about what we offer.

We believe in balancing independence with comprehensive, personalized support.

Our services include (but aren’t limited to) medication management, private therapy sessions, and access to community doctors.

Learn more on our Lifestyle Plus page.

Our culinary services offer a diverse menu crafted by expert, health-conscious chefs.

We source fresh, local ingredients so serve dishes that not only tantalizes the taste buds, but also contributes to our resident’s well-being.

Learn more on our Dining & Culinary page today.

Come Explore Today

We invite you to experience the comfort, convenience, ease, and support of Bridge Senior Living.

We’re looking forward to giving you a tour, answering your and your loved one’s queries, and the peace of mind that assistance is right around the corner. 

Find a community near you and schedule a visit with us today.

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