Lifestyle Plus at Bridge Senior Living

Find a Community

Your Life. Elevated.

What makes life grand?

Is it the meals you eat? The friends you make? The adventures you go on? At Bridge Senior Living, it’s all of these… and so much more.

Lifestyle Plus provides you the ability to continue living the life you love, supported by the gracious hospitality and professional assistance. With a focus on wellness and prioritizing your quality of life, we invite you to explore your interests and passions, connect with friends and neighbors, and enjoy the hospitality of our community services.

Live the life you want to live, and we’ll handle the rest. Find a community today and embrace the art of living well.

Care “Plus” Hospitality

We approach individual needs with respect and dignity while providing a life of ease and convenience.

Whether we’re helping with daily living tasks or offering an array of events and experiences to explore, Bridge Senior Living offers experiences where professional support and hospitality blend together to help residents thrive across all of our lifestyles.

Uncover Our Approach

We prioritize compassionate and respectful care, helping residents thrive while receiving the assistance they need.

Each lifestyle offers a curated level of support ranging from help with day-to-day chores like taking out the trash all the way to comprehensive lifestyle and wellness programming.

Independent living is a lifestyle where residents can enjoy the comforts of Bridge’s hospitality without the worry of chores and housework.

Learn more independent living means at Bridge today.

Memory care is a specialized program designed to support individuals with cognitive functioning issues such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Lilac Trace Memory Care offers innovative care tailored to each individual’s needs.

Learn more about our personalized approach to memory care at our Bridge communities.

Assisted living/personal care assists with daily living needs while honoring the lifestyle our residents know and love.

Learn more about assisted living/personal care today.

Respite care is for short-term stays for residents who would like to try out a community or receive professional support during short-term events.

Learn what respite care can offer you and your loved ones today.

Explore Lifestyle Plus

Elevate your life with Lifestyle Plus, where wellness seamlessly blends with genuine hospitality. Find a balance between physical health, mental well-being, and everyday ease—and unlock the key to a truly thriving lifestyle.

Contact us and schedule a visit. Take the first step and find a Bridge Senior Living community today!

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