Life with Bridge offers much more than meets the eye.

It’s easy to see that communities managed by Bridge Senior Living are warm, welcoming places to live. When you take a closer look, you’ll discover that the things you expect are elevated to new standards, and the special touches you had perhaps never thought of are now must-haves. All of which combine to create feelings of belonging, of freedom, of security. And most importantly, the feeling of truly being home.

Gourmet dining meets home cooking.

The culinary staff at every Bridge-managed community is led by at least one professional chef who oversees the kinds of restaurant-style dining options one might expect during a night on the town. With fresh ingredients, ever-evolving seasonal menus, and special attention to your special dietary needs, every meal can be as gastronomically adventurous as you desire. Dining with Bridge delivers the comforts and contentment of a home-cooked meal – with the convenience of never having to do the dishes.

Do what you like while discovering what you love.

There are things you love to do, things you’ve always wanted to try, and things you might really enjoy if only you knew they existed. That’s why we developed our Discover Your Spark® program. Discover Your Spark to help residents rekindle old hobbies and ignite new passions. From gardening to classes to sports and even heading into town for an afternoon of shopping, Discover Your Spark can open new avenues for fun, friendship, and fulfillment.

Signature Programs

Being physically active is important for preserving independence and quality of life for our residents. Bridge Senior Living offers state-of-the-art facilities, including indoor heated pools and equipment for personal wellness, with group exercise classes led by fitness experts. We also offer a full schedule of activities such as art classes, computer labs, and movie nights so residents stay entertained and engaged.

Keep everyone who needs to know in the know

What’s for breakfast? When was that doctor’s appointment? What’s something fun we can do today? The answers to those questions and much, much more are in the Bridge Senior Living App powered by LifeLoop. The Bridge Senior Living App, which is available at all Bridge communities, is a mobile app- and web-based portal that instantly shows you and your loved ones what’s going on in your world. You can also send messages, schedule transportation, share photos, and all sorts of other things that help keep everyone, yes, in the loop.

Safety first for peace of mind that lasts.

Bridge Senior Living has always been committed to providing safe, healthy environments for everyone who lives, visits, or works at a Bridge community. That’s why we offer 24/7 on-site expert care for our residents. And why we take extra precautions about who can enter a community. Naturally, we remain extra vigilant as we navigate through the nation’s COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, many of these efforts are part of our Bridge Safe program. To learn more about Bridge Safe, please follow this link.

Come see for yourself.

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