DJ Jamin’ Joann
Resident, Somerby Peachtree City
Bridge Senior Living’s online DJ program took place at a time when people needed to connect and engage the most; a time when loved ones needed to feel together while also being apart. BSL’s residents became real DJs broadcasting right from their own rooms, sharing favorite songs, stories and even advice.

Joann Labostrie, a resident at Somerby Peachtree City, was one of those infamous DJs going by the name “DJ Jammin’ Joann.” She quickly became a favorite of many.

“I enjoy writing the shows,” said Joann. “It helped me communicate with family, friends, my hometown in Gary Indiana and even my highschool buddies from Roosevelt, class of 1962.” Joann likes all music but became known for her favorites, the ‘60’s “Doo-Wap Dee Doos”.

DJ Jamin’ Joann

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