When you put safety first you foster peace of mind that lasts.

A worry-free lifestyle should mean more than not having to mow the grass or plan meals. It should be rooted in safety. Because when you feel secure in your own surroundings, you feel confident enough to not just enjoy the day, but to make it your own.

That’s why we, through our Bridge Safe program, work diligently with all the communities we manage to ensure safety – from the way guests are allowed to enter to maintaining a clean, healthy environment – remains not just a top priority, but a promise kept.

White Glove Confident Clean

Developed through extensive research, this program ensures all our communities are doing everything possible to reduce the spread and risk of COVID-19, seasonal influenza, and other communicable illnesses. Everything from enhanced air filtration systems to continuous sanitizing to PPE gear for those who need it. For more information about Bridge Senior Living’s sanitation standards, please contact us.

Continued Connections

For those times when in-person visits are not possible, we have developed or embraced several ways of ensuring residents remain connected to friends and family. From window- and drive-thru visits to virtual meetings and more, we’re working to keep our residents and teams in touch with everyone who matters most.

Accushield Kiosks

All community entrances feature Accushield kiosks which provide screening and logging of associates and visitors – including temperature scanning – before entering the main community areas. It’s an easy-to-use, yet incredibly power way of helping every community stay safe and every resident feel secure.

What else can we help you with?

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