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Ensuring your whole self is your best self.

Bridge Senior Living believes that true wellness starts with skilled medical personnel and goes on to include everything else a community does. Yes, everything. From the activities offered to the meals served to the programs we create to the outcomes they generate. Everything we do is geared to make you and your life as happy and healthy as can be.

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Bridge Active

A life well-lived requires, well, living. To help our residents stay engaged on every level – body, mind, and soul – Bridge Active offers personalized experiences across seven key categories. So you can expand your horizons, your circle of friends, and your capacity for joy as often and as much as you like.

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House Calls

At each community, we partner with a local physician who can, if you so wish, also provide services to you in the comfort of your own apartment. Or we can help arrange for your own doctor to visit. Or help with transportation to their office. Or, well, you get the idea. However you like seeing your physician, we’ll help make it happen.


Private Therapy

We understand that getting back to where you want to be – or even better – often requires therapy. On-site therapy services allow you to receive the quality physical, speech, or occupational therapy you need without ever leaving the comfort of your community.



The Bridge Senior Living Medication Management Program partners with each community’s house pharmacy take care of all your prescription medication needs. From refills to packaging to door-to-door delivery, there’s no easier or safer way to manage your medications.

Social Stimulation

While some people prefer more alone time than others, everybody needs somebody sometimes. Yet one-fourth of folks over age 65 are considered socially isolated. Everything Bridge Senior Living does is aimed at creating a community everyone wants to be involved in, and combating isolation is one of the most important reasons why.

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Our People

It’s one thing to hire the best of the best, and another to hire the most caring of the caring. At communities managed by Bridge, our associates fit both descriptions exceptionally well. We, in turn, empower them to advocate for you.

What else can we help you with?

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