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Making What Matters Meaningful

Over the course of our lives, we all set basic standards for what we’re willing to accept regarding, well, just about everything. From trivial things like the toothpaste we use and the crispiness of french fries (okay, perhaps those aren’t too trivial), to the doctors we trust and the friends we depend on, with all of these choices, there exists a minimum threshold below which we simply won’t go. In other words, we have expectations, and those expectations must be met.

Often, we become so accustomed to the status quo that we don’t stop to wonder if something better exists. Something that delivers what we expect and then some. Perhaps that’s fine when it comes to fighting cavities, but when it involves things as important as where to spend your retirement, a reset of your standards might just be in order.


It’s What’s on the Inside That Counts

If you’ve been researching senior living communities, chances are many of them have started blending together in your mind. Which shouldn’t be surprising given just how similar so many communities appear to be. They all highlight their spacious apartments. They all promise great dining. They all claim to have a compassionate staff.

They may all be telling the truth. After all, at Bridge Senior Living, we believe our communities offer all of those things, as well. For our communities, however, those things are just the starting point – not the finish line. And the deeper you look, the more of a difference you’ll find.


A Firm Foundation

Of course, before we get into what sets Bridge communities apart from others, we should reassure you that they do offer all of the “must-haves” you expect from a senior living residence. In general, Bridge Senior Living focuses on the three main types of residences: independent living, assisted living (or personal care as it is known is some regions), and memory care.


Independent living is for people who are ready to leave the responsibilities of homeownership behind and get back to living life on their own terms.


Assisted living is just that, a consistent helping hand from expert caregivers for those who want to stay as active as possible while remaining safe and secure.


Memory care options provide as rich a life as possible for those facing cognitive issues. Memory care staff at every community undergoes specialized training to ensure they provide the highest quality of care.


We should note that some Bridge communities offer all three home types, while others focus on one or two. A few even provide additional care options like therapy and respite care.


The Bridge Senior Living Difference

The standards set at every Bridge Senior Living community – both in terms of care delivered and services offered – go above and beyond being merely “good enough.” Every staff member and caregiver truly does work day in and day out to make sure the residents they serve consider their community a special place worthy of being called home. In part, that’s because we only hire the best people. But it’s also because our training is both thorough and focused on delivering what is best for our residents.

Naturally, every Bridge community is unique, with its own style, its own charm, and a few features or programs that are uniquely their own. But they all share a few things that instantly identify them as Bridge communities, because only Brige Senior Living has the experience and dedication to offer them:


Signature Programs – Many of our amenities are not, we admit, original (no one really wants jousting night), but every amenity* and program we offer is elevated to a much higher level. For instance, our recreational facilities feature purpose-built fitness equipment, classes taught by actual trainers, and our swimming pools are both indoors and heated. Our movie nights feel like you went to the theater. Every computer lab offers modern gear and fast connectivity – our residents deserve the greatest, so we always try to have the latest.


Discover Your Spark® – We created Discover Your Spark to help residents rediscover long-lost but dearly loved pastimes and dive into new ones. From gardening clubs to lectures and classes to sports and even heading into town for a night out, Discover Your Spark helps keep your inner fire burning bright.


Bridge Senior Living App – The Bridge Senior Living App, powered by LifeLoop™, is available at every community and can be accessed on your smart device or a web browser. It keeps everyone in your circle in the loop as to what you’ve got going on – appointments, activities, etc. – and lets you do things like schedule transportation and even share photos.


Bridge Safe – We’re passionate about providing safe, healthy environments for our residents, their families, and our associates. We take a 360-degree approach that span everything from how guests are allowed into a community to our extra-stringent disinfecting regimens. Because of all the places in the world, your home should be the safest of all.

Of course, there’s much, much more that goes into making life at a Bridge Senior Living community such a wonderful experience. If you’d like more information, don’t hesitate to contact us or the community nearest you, or simply keep browsing this website.

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