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Gift Ideas for Parents in Assisted Living 

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Some people are easier to shop for than others, and if you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for your loved one, you’ve come to the right place. Some gift ideas for parents in assisted living include:

  • A trip down memory lane
  • Comfortable clothing or accessories
  • Customized home decor
  • Quality of life technology
  • Smart devices
  • Puzzles, games, and brain teasers
  • Digital photo frame
  • Books and magazines
  • Audiobook subscription
  • Daily living aid

You’ll want to consider their personality, the space they have, and the community they live in when deciding on a gift for your senior parent. For example, if your parent is open to technology, there are many options, from e-readers to tablets, phones, and laptops. However, a hobby kit or craft box might be more impactful and appreciated if your parent prefers more hands-on things. 

Gift Ideas

You may have heard that the perfect gift is one that comes from the heart. While this is true, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be challenging to decide what to get our loved ones. When shopping for an older parent in an assisted living community, you should consider things like the amount of space they have or community policies. 

Memory Lane

Reminiscing can become more and more significant as our parents age. Consider creating a personalized photo book or collage featuring family pictures, memorable moments from childhood, and other visuals that evoke nostalgia. It’s an excellent way of creating an emotional connection and reminding your parents of beautiful memories.

Comfortable Clothing & Accessories

Gift your parent comfortable clothing such as sweatpants and sweatshirts that will keep them comfortable and warm. You can also add a pair of cozy socks or a blanket, keeping them snug while adding color and life to their living spaces. Older adults can be cold all year round, so this can be just as appropriate for July as it is for December. 

Customized Home Decor

Another great gift that can add ambiance to their room is personalized wall art, such as a painting, photograph, or family portrait. A customized throw pillow that matches their decor or an attractive candle holder and flameless candle can add warmth and personality to their room.

Quality of Life Technology

Gift your parents a device—iPad, Kindle, or something similar—that allows them to connect with you, access their reading list, and surf online more conveniently. If looking for something simpler, look to items like heated mattress pads and therapy socks to add comfort to their daily routines.

Smart Devices

 A smart home device can also assist them with daily routines, making life more comfortable and convenient. Make sure you provide detailed instructions and teach them how to use the device so they feel comfortable even when you’re not around. 

Puzzles, Games, & Brain Teasers

Yes, it’s true! Playing games when you’re older has positive benefits. For seniors, puzzles, brain teasers, even video, have been proven to have cognitive benefits. Gift your parents some games, puzzles and brain teasers to help keep the brain active. Of course, board games and puzzles that they can play with friends are also a winning combination to keep them engaged, entertained and social.

Digital Photo Frame

This innovative gift is excellent for parents who want to relive the cherished memories of their lives. A digital photo frame can be loaded with an entire gallery of family pictures, which keeps rotating automatically. It’s an ideal gift for those who want to stay connected with their family and look at their favorite pictures anytime.

Books & Magazines

Many seniors are avid readers, so a book or magazine could be a great gift. You can base your selection on the genres they enjoy reading or current bestsellers. Another option that goes along with the technology we discussed above would be a Kindle or Kobo e-reader for reading e-books.

Audiobook Subscription

Some seniors’ eyes just aren’t what they were. If they love books but have trouble reading, an audiobook subscription is an excellent gift idea. An audiobook subscription allows them to enjoy books without straining their eyes or arms. Many subscription options are available, including Audible, Amazon’s audiobook service, or even libraries that offer online access to their audiobook collection.

Daily Living Aid

Many older adults face mobility or vision issues. A daily living aid, such as a reacher or grabber tool, is a handy gift that improves their quality of life by making routine tasks more manageable.

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Gift Giving Made Easy

Remember, it’s not about the price tag or grandiosity of the gift. It’s about letting your loved one know they’re loved and remembered. You might be surprised how much a thoughtful present can brighten their day. So, pick something special from this list and make your parent’s day a little brighter.If your aging parent is looking for a place to spend their retirement, we can help with that, too. Call our team at Bridge Senior Living. We’re happy to book a community tour so you and your loved one can see the type of care expected in one of our communities.

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