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The Move to Senior Living: a Family Decision

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When a loved one needs to move to a senior living environment due to age-related issues, the Family is often the driving force behind such a transition. This is true for both personal and financial easons.

The older person may view their situation subjectively, maintaining emotional ties to a lifestyle that has surpassed their ability to fully enjoy it. Meanwhile, the Family, having observed the loved one on a regular basis, likely has a more objective understanding of that individual’s daily and longer term needs, along with an idea of what might be in the loved one’s best interest. At the same time, the individual and their Family members often share the financial esponsibility. So choosing a senior living community becomes a group decision.

Here are questions to consider when making the choice:

  • • What is life like inside a senior living community?
  • • What type of care will the loved one need, and can the community provide it consistently and with high quality?
  • • Does the community provide additional care levels as needs change and the individual requires added services?
  • • Food quality and Resident satisfaction are intrinsically linked; are the meals tasty and well prepared?
  • • Are staff personnel ell groomed, alert and congenial with Residents and guests at all times?
  • • Are Residents given meaningful activities that contribute to their physical health and well-being?
  • • Are there plenty of opportunities for socializing with friends and peers?
  • • Does the community look well maintained in both building appearance and landscaping?

When you are ready to choose a senior living community for your loved one, be sure that all final questions and loose ends are addressed. Remember, this is ideally a long-term choice and it is in everyone’s best interest to handle the transition as smoothly and as seamlessly as possible, from first impression to move-in day and beyond.

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