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The Social Side of Senior Living

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The process of aging is more than physical; it contains a significant mental omponent as well. Those interested in aging gracefully and with as much independence as possible are well advised to begin by exercising their social skills. Indeed, for today’s older generation, socialization may be the virtual “fountain of youth.”

Abundant studies conducted by numerous institutions and experts from major universities to the federal government support the finding that socialization may hold one of the most important keys to seniors maintaining or extending their current and future health. Some studies even give socialization equal footing with physical exercise when it comes to helping older adults remain healthy.

There is no doubt that the social aspects of senior living are among the most beneficial o those seeking that lifestyle. Within senior living communities, Residents develop peer friendships as well as have the opportunity to live an active and engaging lifestyle with friends.

Walking, dancing, group exercise, games, crafts and dining all represent fundamental social activities and opportunities that help to keep seniors physically and socially healthy and mentally sharp.

Socialization within the senior living community also encourages seniors to remain connected in other areas of their lives, thanks to the age of technology in which we live. Facebook and email represent new tools for maintaining connections with Family members living elsewhere, as well as keeping up with grandchildren. Many seniors learn how to use email solely to remain in contact with loved ones.

Senior living communities encourage social interactions on multiple levels, thus significantly aiding Residents in warding off depression and mental decline caused by reclusiveness. In fact, the impact of being social on a regular basis – as provided in a senior living environment – may be the best evidence yet that those engaged in active senior living can actively extend both the duration and quality of life.

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