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Time For a Loved One To Consider a Senior Living Community? Check With Their Pet.

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A loving pet is more than a best friend to an older person. Often a loyal pet is the only fulltime companion that person has. To be sure, a pet occupies an important and sometimes indispensable role in its master’s life – and vice versa. But while pets are great company and loyal friends, they are unable to care for themselves.

For those who are well into their retirement years with a dog or cat as their only full-time companion, care of the pet can become a daunting daily chore. From grooming and feeding to walking, changing litter boxes and generally providing care, much must be done to ensure the pet has an acceptable quality of life. A visible decline in the quality of care a pet receives often signals that it’s time for the person to consider moving to a pet-friendly senior living community.

Many senior living environments recognize the value of pets in keeping their owners, as well as the other Residents, engaged in life. It is not unusual for a Resident’s pet to become a favorite among all those who reside in a senior living environment.

To help ensure a pet is enjoying life as much as its master, senior living communities often provide ancillary services for Residents with pets, such as making sure the animal is walked regularly and receives proper grooming and care. Such services are especially necessary in cases in which the declining health of the owner requires that they have help to care for their pet as well as themselves.

Pets are an important part of our lives and should not be overlooked when a Family is trying to decide if it is time for an older loved one to move to a caring senior living community. Finding a community that can offer assistance and care services for pets can help seniors live longer, healthier and happier lives.

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